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Hebrews 11 outlines some of the greatest character studies in God's word.  This series studies some of the main characters who showed true faith in God since the beginning of time.  These characters help show us how faith put into action through obedience can lead to a stronger relationship with God and each other.  


  1. A DEFINING FAITH - This introductory lesson examines the basic principles and definition of faith and looks forward to the lessons presented in Hebrews 11.
  2. A FAITHFUL BUILDER - The story of Noah and the flood has always been a favorite story for children.  A look at Noah and his life reveals a faithful builder who obeyed all of God’s instructions.
  3. A FAITHFUL FATHER - Abraham was more than just the father of all nations.  He was a faithful man who gives us a powerful example of true fatherhood and living a life of faithfulness.
  4. A FAITHFUL MOTHER - Motherhood is never an easy job, but the lesson we can learn from Sarah helps us see the benefits and blessings of being faithful while being a loving wife and mother.
  5. A FAITHFUL SON - Isaac was the son of promise and his faithfulness is seen in the way he passed on those promises made to him by God.  Isaac shows us what it means to truly look forward to God doing what he has said.
  6. A FAITHFUL WRESTLER (2 Lessons) - In all the stories of Jacob’s life, the underlying faithfulness and trust in God’s protection is evident.  Jacob never doubted that God would be there with him in his times of trials.
  7. A FAITHFUL DREAMER (2 Lessons) - Joseph encountered many obstacles to his faith throughout his life; however, Joseph never lost sight of God and the knowledge that all was in His hands.  With that knowledge, Joseph led an exemplary life of faith.
  8. A FAITHFUL LEADER (3 Lessons) - Moses had the daunting task of leading unfaithful nation in God’s way.  His life of faithful leadership is a wonderful example of leading 


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Author John L. Kachelman III
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A Hall of Faith [MP3]

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