Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they asked you what you believed on a subject and you didn’t know what to say?  Or you didn’t have an answer because you had not studied it enough or someone made statements about a subject that you knew were not right, but you weren’t able to refute them?

As Christians, we are faced daily with certain controversial issues in the society in which we live. Many of these issues have been around for centuries and others have become issues in our lifetime due to advances in medicine and/or science. The beautiful thing about God’s word is that it has not changed, it will always be relevant and it is the rule by which all of these issues must be measured. On the surface, that sounds easy to apply and many times it is, but in other instances our inadequate understanding as humans creates difficulty.

The goal of this lesson series is to consider sometimes controversial cultural issues of our modern world, expose the various sides of these issues in the light of scripture, and then determine together which side God is on. Because ultimately that is the side Christians should always take!  This series will equip the student and class with valuable information and resources to use when one of these topics comes up in your daily conversation. Students will be challenged to be prepared so they can convey God’s will to anyone they talk with, and this study will equip them with biblical principles to help take God’s side in any modern cultural issue.



  1. Christians Taking Sides: Should Christians Take Sides In Cultural Issues?
  2. Abortion & Contraception: How Should Christians View The Beginning Of Life?
  3. Christians & Holidays: Should Christians Celebrate Holidays?
  4. Christians & Gambling: Should Christians Be Involved in Gambling?
  5. Parental Discipline: How Should We Discipline And Does It Go Too Far?
  6. Christian Discipline: Are Christians Subjected to Spiritual Discipline?
  7. Christians’ Responsibility to Government: How Should Christians Respond to Government?
  8. Christians & War: Should Christians Support Or Go To War?
  9. Culture’s Impact on Christians: How Has Our Culture Impacted Our Roles?
  10. Responding to Homosexuality: How Should Christians (Re)Act To Acceptance of Homosexuality?
  11. Christians & Modesty: How Is Modesty An Issue For Christians Today?
  12. The Challenge of Taking Sides: Why Are There So Many Challenges For Christians?



The digital download includes a .zip file that contains the necessary materials to teach this series in any Bible class setting and includes the following items:

  • Graphics that can be used in bulletins or signage (JPG and PDF formats)
  • Printable Student Handouts with permission to print for students (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 pages (or 11 x 17 folded pages)
  • Printable Student Workbook with all student handouts included (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 size book
  • Printable Teacher Edition with lesson notes, suggested answers to blanks in student handouts, and select supplemental articles (PDF format)
  • Printable Suggested Topic Cards for teachers to use for student feedback concerning class topics (PDF format)

The files are organized in the .zip file in labeled folders for easy access, reading, and printing by the teacher.The purchase of the digital download comes with permission to print the files as needed for the Bible class but do not allow the sale, transfer, copying, or dissemination of any kind from the purchaser to any other user.  Additional purchases of the digital download is required by other individuals other than the original purchaser.


The lesson CD is a physical CD packaged in a DVD-style case and contains all the documents included with the digital download (see description above). When inserted into a computer, the CD will automatically open a menu that allows the user to easily navigate through the included files and open them with ease.


The Teacher Edition includes lesson outlines and notes, suggested answers to student handouts, and select supplemental articles for additional information during preparation to teach the class.  Get more information, see screenshots, and order multiple copies of the Teacher Edition by clicking here.

Product Details:
Author John L. Kachelman III
Type of Study Topical; Old and New Testaments
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File Size 36.3 MB
File Type .zip (contains PDF and PPT files)
Handouts Yes
PowerPoint Yes
Teacher Guide Yes
Book Details:
Binding Perfect
Pages 61 pgs.
Size 6x9

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Taking Sides

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