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The Old Testament Kings offer a rich study for New Testament Christians. The living habits, choices, and destinies of these kings read as if they are living in our current century. A study of these kings provides lessons that are simple to teach, easily applied to the every day life of the Christian, and long remembered by those involved in the study.

This lesson series offers an in-depth study of thirteen kings who reigned during the Old Testament times. Each lesson examines the historical context of the ruler, his character, his impact regarding faith in God, and practical lessons on how the ruler helps Christians to develop a greater dedication and reverence for the Almighty God.

Materials in this series include class handouts (possible assignments if used in a Bible class setting), full content class lesson notes, outlined sermon notes, and PowerPoint shows for each lesson.


  1. ASA - The Failure Of Compromise (2 Chr. 14-16) 
  2. PHARAOH - Burning Bridges OR Burning Bushes (Ex. 5,6) 
  3. REHOBOAM - The Reckless Phony (1 Kgs. 11-14) 
  4. DAVID & AHAB - Inescapable Judgment Of God (1 Kgs. 21:20) 
  5. JOSIAH - Serving God In Youth (2 Kgs. 22:1,2) 
  6. JEHOSHAPHAT - Restricted Fellowship Blessed (1 Kgs. 22:49) 
  7. HEZEKIAH - Portrait Of A Good Man (2 Kgs. 18ff) 
  8. UZZIAH - From Royalty To Leprosy (2 Chr. 26) 
  9. AHAZ - Never Did Anything Right! (2 Chr. 28) 
  10. SENNACHERIB - The Defeat Of One Opposed To God (2 Chr. 32) 
  11. ZEDEKIAH - The King With Neck Problems (2 Chr. 36:13) 
  12. NEBUCHADNEZZAR - The Perishable And The Permanent (Dan. 4:28ff) 
  13. BELSHAZZAR - National Morality Meltdown (Dan. 5)


The digital download includes a .zip file that contains the materials to teach this series in any Bible class setting and includes the following items:

  • Graphics that can be used in bulletins or signage (JPG and PDF formats)
  • Printable Teacher Lessons with full-content outlines of each lesson (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 size pages
  • Printable Student Handouts with permission to print for students (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 size pages
  • Printable Teacher Edition with all lesson outlines, handouts and PowerPoint slides (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 size pages
  • Printable Student Workbook with all student handouts included (PDF format) -- formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 size pages (or 11 x 17 booklet)
  • PowerPoint Slideshows for each lesson (PPS format)

The files are organized in the .zip file in labeled folders for easy access, reading, and printing by the teacher.The purchase of the digital download includes permission to print the files as needed for use in the Bible class but does not allow the sale, transfer, copying, or dissemination of any kind of the digital files from the purchaser to any other user.  Additional purchases of the digital download is required by other individuals other than the original purchaser.


The eBook is the Teacher Edition in PDF, MOBI and KINDLE versions.  These versions should be readable on any portable device, including iBook, Kindle or other e-reader programs.


The lesson CD is a physical CD packaged in a DVD-style case and contains all the documents included with the digital download.  When inserted into a computer, the CD will automatically open a menu that allows the user to easily navigate through the included files and open them with ease.


The printed materials are a professionally printed and bound copy of the materials that are included in the digital download. This printed version will allow the teacher to have a printed version of the class without having to coordinate and print the materials. Note: if you order a CD with the printed materials it may be affixed to the inside back cover instead of packaged in a separate case.

Product Details:
Author John L. Kachelman III
Type of Study Textual; Old Testament
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File Size 36.3 MB
File Type .zip (contains PDF and PPT files)
Handouts Yes
PowerPoint Yes
Teacher Guide Yes
Book Details:
Binding Perfect
Pages 61 pgs.
Size 6x9

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Old Testament Kings [Download]

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